It’s All About Divi These Days

Nov 10, 2021

The Right Tool for the Job

Building anything goes better when you are using the right tools.

There was a time back quite a few years where each web design project I did started with the arduous process of picking a theme to work with. Sometimes this would go on for a week or so.

I would grab a theme that looked like it could support the design vision I had for a site and then start modifying with a child theme to get the final result I wanted. I’d end up with a ton of additional CSS code and be rolling. Then I’d find myself painted in a corner and start over.

I discovered Elegant Themes in the process and got a lifetime license quite a few years ago. Divi had not come out yet, but their other themes offered me some great options and a consistent backend environment. In fact, this site was originally built with one of their legacy themes, Glow I believe.

Gradually, I started experimenting with Divi and watching the videos. I got oriented to the Divi way of doing things. Honestly, at first I was kind of put off at the idea of not operating in the WP editing environment and stuck with page builders like WPBuilder.

Then I tore off the band aid and did a site completely in Divi. I forced myself to understand some of the nuances and then realized how deep and comprehensive the Divi system really is.

Dozens of sites later I now totally rely on Divi and the ever expanding toolkit that Elegant Themes has built. Now when I introduce clients to my work and orient them to the concept of WordPress and themes, they remark, “All your sites look different!” I say that’s the way it should be, but I use the same tool for each one.


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