Why is expanding your business a must?

Expand or Die

There’s no middle ground. If you don’t expand your business, even a little, it will contract. Nothing remains the same.

Sounds like a one-sided question. The real fact of the matter is that your business CAN’T stay where it is. It is going to either expand or contract. Those are the only choices. There is no middle ground. This is important, so we’ll repeat it. There is NO middle ground. If you think you can stay level or an even keel, forget about it. If you aren’t expanding, you are already contracting.

This is kind of a harsh view of things, but there’s no escaping the truth of it. Expansion and growth are an integral part of an organization’s survival. In fact, this means that expansion and survival are nearly synonymous concepts where business is concerned.

Sure, the economics of getting over this hump can be an issue.

But ideas like:

  • “We don’t need to expand.”
  • “We’re doing OK.”
  • “The budget is too tight.”
  • “Things will work out anyway.”

and uncountable variations of the same, are just excuses not to act. But one has to act. There’s not much of a choice, is there?

What can be done?

This is the right question. The right answer to this one is sometimes harder to determine. But the real answer is: deciding to take the next step. Once the decision is made, the rest is mechanical. It involves study and research into what your company does and what your clients or customers need and want.

This analysis, combined with an examination of the resources you have available can then be turned into a plan that can be done, step by step, to gain some ground.