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Direct mail is still the most tried and true method of reaching customers. The recipient does not have to use a computer, fax, TV or anything else to get your message.
Sounds like an odd offering from a company specializing in interenet marketing activity. However, Direct Mail is probably one of the most important promotional tools any company can use.

Direct Mail is probably one of the best tools you can use to generate interest. Let’s look at why.

1. The public Prefers it.

“Huh!” You say! That’s right. Up to 70 percent of promotional material recipients prefer to receive a Direct Mail piece. (This is data collected by the Post Office.)

2. You are in control.

This is another one that sounds odd, but the fact of the matter is that Direct Mail is the ONLY advertising medium that does not require the receiving to have a computer, a TV set, an email box or a fax machine. If he has an address, you can contact him with a direct mail piece. There are people out there that try to make this sound controversial or bad (like you’re killing entire forests or causing global warming by using Direct Mail.) This is just noise fostered by people (a tiny, sad few) who hate all forms of promotion and enterprise and pretty much anything else that promotes prosperity and survival.

With Direct Mail you can be at CAUSE over your promotion and if you are planning a web promotion project or website, it will just not be complete without a Direct Mail component.

3. Direct Mail Lasts.

Direct Mail pieces have physical form. They are not electronic images that disappear with a delete key. Long after the radio or TV commercial has passed by the attention span of the viewer, the Direct Mail piece is still there communicating.

Our Expertise.

Interest Factory has extensive experience with concieving, planning and executing Direct Mail campaigns. From the composing of the art to acquiring the mailing lists (we are also a list broker) to making sure the mailing is properly executed at the mailing house and that all the possible postal discounts are gotten: we’ve done it all. Many times.

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