Graphic Design

Grabbing & Directing Eyeballs

Graphic design is all about capturing and then directing attention, but in a way that is consistent with the communication you want to deliver and what you want someone to do.

Graphic design has been viewed as something that one does to make promotional pieces for a company. It is so much more. What is generally missed is that it is an artform. And that disassociation comes from the fact that people don’t really connect the subjects of ART, COMMUNICATION and PROMOTION.

What is generally not fully understood in advertising design is the importance of the subject of art.

Simply put, great art communicates AND invites participation by the viewer. And what we’re trying to do most of all in advertising design is invite PARTICIPATION by the viewer. We want to engage people, attract their attention, deliver a message and, ultimately, generate INTEREST.

At Interest Factory, we strive to achieve this in all materials we generate for clients.

It’s all about generating INTEREST!

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