Naming Services

Take the Time

Taking the time to name something correctly is vital. A poorly thought-out or poorly researched name can come back to haunt you later—in very expensive ways.

What’s in a name?

Other than everything? 

What a product or business is named is critical to the marketing and future sales success of a product or business.

Now that we have said that let’s also state for the record that that’s an understatement!

There are specific elements to what makes a good name and what makes a bad name. One of the first questions we ask about a name is, “Does it tell you anything functional?” Names need to say something about a product or service that communicates effectively. A name that requires a paragraph of explantion is simply a bad name. A great starting point is, “What does it do?”

Here’s an example. Years ago Apple came out with an extention to their Quicktime digital video technology. The extension is called Quicktime VR. The VR stands for virtual reality. OK, so far that’s pretty dry. Not very clear. Let’s look at what it does. This technology allows a viewer to look around inside rooms or spaces on a computer or over the internet. It also allows a viewer to examine an object by rotating it on the compter screen. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Our name for a service that produced this kind of imagery was View360 Productions.

Naming Services

Interest Factory has a service to help determine useful names for products and services. There are a lot of issues these days that have to be taken into account when chosing a name:

  • Is a domain name available that is close enough to the name to be usable?
  • Are there trademark or servicemark claims already in existence that are too close?
  • How does the name fit into the rest of the product line up of the organization?
  • Are there issues in popular culture or language translation that would interfere?
  • The list goes on.

So the answer to the original question, “What’s in a name?” A lot!

Interest Factory is ready to help you through the process of determining the best possible names for your products, services or even company.

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