Website Content Management

Content Strategy

A well-designed content strategy can lead to social media traffic that follows you because they are interested.

Many of our clients ask us to stay on once their sites are completed and manage them. This can mean as little as doing periodic security checks and function updates to daily content creation and social media promotion work and traffic building operations. In some cases we are actually a part of our clients’ organization chart due to the services we provide in managing their web presence.

Content Strategy

The idea that “content is king” may be a cliché to some, but it is actually quite true. Getting a website created and online used to be the milestone that businesses had to hit. Not any more. Nowadays, the site has to be constantly refreshed and having a strategy of how content is created and managed is essential. Selling on the internet—let’s face it, that’s the core intention—involves far more than just putting up a store and buying some traffic from Google.

How do you differentiate your products and services from the other person or company who is “offering the same thing” but maybe for a lower price? Cutting your price just turns your product into a commodity. A proper content strategy includes a plan for continuous development of valuable materials that should be placed on your site. Creating interactions through social media, funneling attention to your site is another part of the puzzle.

In real life there are no shortcuts. In creating real content for websites, there is no substitute for the basics:

  • Good writing
  • Good imagery
  • Building a following

Interest Factory has resources in all of these areas. We can also help you develop the strategy you need.