Marketing Tips: When the Going Gets Tough

Mar 16, 2020

Tough times, tough solutions?

You’d think that tough times call for tough solutions. That’s not always true. Sometimes it can be painfully simple. But it takes observation and analysis to sort it all out.

Okay, so the you-know-what is hitting the rapidly rotating air motion blades. The economy is dominated by fear, or even terror, as the stock market graph looks like the path of a cliff diver in Acapulco. And to make matters worse—at least in our city—people are being discouraged from physically visiting businesses like restaurants, bars, theaters, etc. How in the hell do you keep the doors open?

Meanwhile, Amazon has announced a hiring increase of 100,000 people. What does this tell us? That Jeff Bezos is smarter than the rest of us? Well, that may be true since he build an infrastructure juggernaut that is the envy of every thinking  business person—except maybe your local conspiracy theorist.

But you don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to survive and even prosper in difficult times.

When the Going Gets Tough

Seemingly on the turn of a dime, demand has shifted to online demand for retail products and services. Schools are shifting to online training. Universities are shifting to online learning and exams. Technologies like Zoom, Google Hangouts and others make collaboration from remote locations easier than heading to a conference room.

The trick is responding to that demand fast and letting your customers know. But sometimes the resources to counter the problem are right there in front of you.

Taking Stock

One thing that is a must-do when trying to overcome a challenging situation is examine your assets and strengths. Is there a product you can offer online that you aren’t right now? Do you have things that customers want and need that need to be presented in a new or different way?

The questions that can be posed can seem endless. But they have to be asked. Somewhere in there is a gem of an idea or opportunity that can be developed. There always is.

It takes being a bit dispassionate about what you have or don’t have. And sometimes it takes calling in someone who has an external viewpoint to help you see what you might be missing. There is sometimes magic in that.

No matter the scenario, figuring out this problem is the job of marketing. This is not to be confused with sales or promotion. Without prior marketing sales would have nothing to sell and the promotion or advertising department would have nothing to shout about.

And, in times of trouble the department you need the most is marketing.

The Marketing Department

If you have a small company or even in a larger one you might not have such a department or if you do maybe it needs some back-up. The technologies of marketing—which include, analysis, research, surveying, creative and planning—are your path out of the morass of a rapidly declining or shifting situation.

The solutions could be as simple as adding some technology to your website. Or as complex as developing a new product or service line.

If you need assistance in analyzing the situation and evolving the correct solutions, give us a call.


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